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Marriage, Weddings and Vow Renewals

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It would be difficult to imagine a more lovely island on which to get married or to renew your existing wedding vows, perhaps on a special wedding anniversary.

Our church in Palma is available to all, regardless of nationality or faith, and our excellent relationships with the island's Roman Catholic Priests mean that we can often arrange for marriages and wedding blessings to take place in other locations on the island.

If you are thinking of getting married in Mallorca then we can help.

Spanish Residents

If one of the partners has lived legally in Spain for at least two years then the civil marriage can be done in the local town hall followed by a religious ceremony in church or other location. Please check with the local town hall for their requirements.


If neither of the partners fulfil the residence requirements then the civil marriage will take place in their country of origin followed by a ceremony in church, at a hotel, on a beach or any other chosen location. For UK citizens this usually means the civil marriage taking place in the local registry office followed by the religious ceremony here. It's probably worth contacting one of the clergy as early as possible to discuss your plans.

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These are some of the commonly asked questions:

"Who do I contact to discuss my wedding at the Anglican Church?"

Simply email with your initial plans and we will start the process. Alteratively telephone +34 971 737 279 to talk things through.

"How early do I need to start making my arrangements?"

You would normally need a minimum of two months to make your plans with either the town hall or registry office.

"Why can't we have the legal part of the marriage in church as well?"

You can - for UK couples see, however, the process is long and complicated. All our wedding couples thus far, have enjoyed a legal registration of their marriage in their home country followed by a more elaborate celebration ceremony here on this beautiful island.

"Can we still have a marriage ceremony if one of the partners has been divorced?"

Yes, please talk it through with the Chaplain as early as possible in your planning.

"Is it possible to use another location apart from the Anglican Church?"

Yes, the Roman Catholic Church offers us hospitality in many of its churches. Many couples ask if the ceremony could be performed in a hotel, private home or at a beauty spot or other location; this is usually possible.

"What about music?"

For a traditional English wedding there is nothing like a Church Choir and Organist. We are fortunate to have the services of Wedding Singers Mallorca to provide this and more. Many of their singers are the Anglican Church Choir and they are augmented when necessary by other talented voices. Musical possibilities are endless from choir to soloists to instrumental pieces, orchestras and recorded music. Talk to Georgie Insull for more information - her website is

"Does the service have to be complicated and formal?"

No, in the past ceremonies have ranged from just the couple being present to large gatherings of family and friends.

"We are considering the possibility of hiring a wedding organiser. Can you recommend one?"

Although we have no formal links with any wedding organisers, please take a look at our LINKS page as we have put some helpful websites on there.

"How much does it cost?"

Donations for weddings and funerals are the same in each congregation.

The Chaplaincy is pleased to offer advise and guidence to couples in assiting them create their service. Our service includes;

• Administration work for the service here on Mallorca.
• E mail / Skype contact with a Christian minister trained, experienced and licensed by the Church of England, for advise
  or other consultation.
• Meetings as necessary in person if you are on a visit to the island prior to the day of the service.
• A rehearsal just before the day of the service.
• Officiating at a service or ceremony on the day itself to a high professional standard.

DONATIONS 2013/2014
Blessing of a Marriage/Non-Religious Ceremony (Usually following
on from a Registry office ceremony held in the UK) or Full Renewal
of Wedding Vows

Both these options would usually be 20-40 minutes duration and might include hymns, readings, candle ceremony, music, an address, prayers (depending on the couples choice)
Renewal of Wedding Vows (after several years of married life)
This could be a smaller more intimate service lasting 10-15 minutes, as a couple simply say their wedding vows again to each other in the company of a few friends. (6 or less adults present)
Organist - for a service held in the Anglican Church in Palma
For staff (minister or organist) travelling more than 10km from Palma for visit, service or rehearsal, (this includes fuel costs and staff time)

NOTE: The donations for Marriage Blessings for 2014 include paying for the time and experience of the clergy and wedding administrator, in the preparation for the service and assistance given to couples. In this fashion they mirror the level of fees set in the UK by the Registrar for Births, Deaths and Marriages for a church wedding service.

The donation for the use of a Roman Catholic Church is usually €300. This is over and above our fee.

"We would like to pay by credit card. Can we?"

We can take payments via Paypal where you can use your credit card to pay. Please click on the button below to do this and remember the amount taken will be the Euro amount as above and the exchange rate used will be the one used by your card provider on the day of the transaction.

If you pay tax in the UK please Gift Aid your donation so that the church can take advantage of the tax concession made by the Chancellor. A Gift Aid form is available by clicking on the image below

Any other questions - please contact us.

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